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Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos

Engage Your Audience with Promotional Videos

Did you know that YouTube has over a billion users — almost 1/3 of all people on the Internet?!

YouTube reaches more adults under the age of 50 than any cable network in the United States. If you have not already invested in a promotional video for your business, you are missing out on a huge market!

Videos are more engaging than text or images on social media as well. Let Fitzgerald Solutions create a promotional video to enhance your online exposure, broaden your audience, and promote your skills, products or services. You may want to start with a simple slideshow or edit multiple videos for a more elaborate promotional piece.

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Promotional Videos

Every business should have a promotional video that highlights their products/services.

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*The project estimate calculator is meant to serve as a tool to determine whether your technological needs are within your allocated budget. The estimate is based on the client providing video and/or images to be used in the video. If Fitzgerald Solutions is required to produce video footage, the project will be at least twice the amount quoted above. A more accurate estimate will be provided in a project proposal after Fitzgerald Solutions has received a project request.

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