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Digital Marketing Project Estimate Calculator

Social Media Marketing

How often would you like to post to your social media networks?


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Once Daily

How Many Networks? (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)

Promotional Videos

Every business should have a promotional video that highlights their products/services.

How long do you want your video to be?

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5 minutes

Do you want Fitzgerald Solutions to produce video footage?



Search Engine Optimization

Posting articles to a blog on a regular basis is an effective and easy way to drive traffic to your website. Fitzgerald Solutions can develop the content to ensure relevant keywords are used appropriately.

Do you want to setup a blog?



How often do you want to post articles to the blog?

Once Monthly

Twice Monthly

Once Weekly

Do you want Fitzgerald Solutions to optimize the existing content of your website to improve search engine results?




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*The estimated project calculator is meant to serve as a tool to determine whether your technological needs are within your allocated budget. A more accurate estimate will be provided in a project proposal after Fitzgerald Solutions has received a project request.

If the project estimate is within your budget, the next step is to submit a project request form.

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